Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve

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Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve is Malawi’s oldest and least-developed protected area and one of its last remaining unexploited natural environments.

Made up of a vast 1800 square kilometre expanse of miombo (moist woodland) with spots of lush rainforest, Nkhotakota lies in the east of the country. Crossed by a number of rivers on their way to the lake, the reserve stretches from the Great Rift Valley in the west to just short (30 kilometres) of the beautiful Lake Malawi in the east.

A touch of luxury in the wilderness of Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve

Nestled deep within the breath-taking wilderness of the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, Tongole Wilderness Lodge is the only high-end lodge in the area, providing the perfect base from which to enjoy a unique safari experience.

Guests relax in luxurious, open-plan suites with views over the beautiful Bua River, home to a healthy population of crocodiles and frequented by elephants. The lodge offers a diverse range of safari activities; with a focus on low environmental impact, non-motorised activities that enable guests to fully appreciate the tranquillity of this wilderness area. These include bird safaris, bush walks and treks, canoeing, fly camping, fly fishing and guided wilderness safaris.

Find out more about Tongole Wilderness Lodge.

Experience a true wilderness in the warm heart of Malawi

Attracting visitors who wish to experience a true wilderness, the rugged nature of Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve makes wildlife viewing challenging, but extremely rewarding. Birdlife is exceptional and with over 280 species recorded, Birdlife International has rated Nkhotakota as an ‘area of special interest’.

A significant elephant population inhabits the reserve and it is also home to several antelope species, monkeys.  Although rarely seen, buffalo, leopard and lion are also found here, teasing with the occasional track or call to let visitors know of their presence and hoping that they may be the ones lucky enough to see them!


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