Malawi is well known as the 'Warm Heart of Africa' for very good reason; it is an incredibly friendly, peaceful and welcoming country to visit. The highlight that most people associate with the country is Lake Malawi or ‘The Lake of Stars’; its shores lined with gorgeous white sand beaches that easily rival many more popular coastal destinations. However, Malawi is now much more than a beach add-on to other destinations. Several wildlife reserves have undergone careful management projects with extensive reintroductions of many wildlife species and a number of exceptional safari lodges have opened. Malawi has become a country that offers a choice of reserves for an African safari or wilderness adventure. Although still a relatively undiscovered gem, Malawi is undoubtedly a destination in its own right and the perfect example of the phrase 'The best things come in small packages!'

Nkhotakota wildlife reserve

Nkhotakota is a vast and genuine wilderness reserve in central Malawi, covering approximately 1800 sq km. The reserve is characterised primarily by pristine miombo woodland covering the escarpments and hillsides, interspersed by large patches of tall grasses and even some isolated areas of rainforest. Be one of the first to explore this relatively undiscovered and up-and-coming area, walking in the dense forests or kayaking along the tree-lined rivers that wind through the reserve to Lake Malawi just to the east. Elephants and other wildlife are often seen coming down to the Bua River to drink; whilst lion, leopard, hyena and buffalo are known to roam this huge wilderness, but are very shy of visitors and much more rarely glimpsed. With over 280 species of birds recorded Nkhotakota is also a paradise for birders. This is the perfect destination for anyone seeking an idyllic African wilderness adventure.

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